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The following photograph records the presentation of the Community Fund award to West End Pre-School, Sherborne.

If you hover over the photograph for the presentation the name of the charity or good cause comes up. You will also note that the frame of the photograph changes colour at the same time. If it turns blue then the details only cover the presentation itself. If it turns red it means the presentation also has an 'Award Revisited' section which can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

CLICK on the photograph to open up a full screen view giving you an enlarged photograph of the presentation plus details of the presentation itself as well as an outline of how the award will be used. If an 'Award Revisited' section has been added you will be able to see how the award was spent and how it had benefited them. As this feature was only introduced in early 2016 not all the winners have been revisited. The colour of the photograph frame therefore enables you to see instantly whether or not an 'Award Revisited' has or has not been carried out.


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  • West End Pre-School, Sherborne

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