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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Milborne Port Community Swimming Pool



Charity/Good Cause

Milborne Port Community Swimming Pool


Milborne Port Community Swimming Pool, North Street, Milborne Port


10 July 2015


Charlotte Chiplen - Chairman Parents, Teachers & Friends Association, Milborne Port Primary School

Claire Hawley - Teaching Assistant Milborne Port Primary School [holding award]

plus children from Years 2 & 3.

Separately the principal presentation was carried out

by: Tony Boot - Rotarian Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles, Youth Committee.

to: Suzie Milligan - Headteacher Milborne Port Primary School.

also present:

Darren Bacon - Swimming Pool Committee

Roz Barrett - Swimming Pool Committee & PTFA Treasurer.

Dennis Parker - Swimming Pool Committee.

How the award
will be used

They are fundraising long term to replace the pool's poly-tunnel enclosure which blew off in winter storms of 2013, so the pool is open air until they have raised the funds needed for a new enclosure.

In the meantime last September the pool heater packed up and needs to be replaced.

The award will be put towards the cost of a replacing it. They have narrowed their choice down to 3 models at a cost of between 2,500-4,000. The new heater will allow them to open the pool this summer & means that they can continue to concentrate their long term efforts on fundraising for the new enclosure. They held a Race Night in June to raise further funds for the heater & as well as for a cover for the pool to keep the heat in.

Community Fund Ref: 1000077

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