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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Youth Resource Services (The Rendezvous) Sherborne Ltd



Charity/Good Cause

Youth Resource Services (The Rendezvous) Sherborne Ltd


The Rendezvous, Under Cheap Street Church, Sherborne


4 November 2015


Sue Thomas-Peter - Rotarian Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles, Chairman Youth Committee.

Helen Da Silva Wood - Centre Manager, The Rendezvous, Youth Resource Services, Sherborne.

plus members of The Rendezvous.

How the award
will be used

The award will be used to develop their existing work with young men and women’s groups by introducing a regular mixed activity challenge session. This two hour slot will bring together young men and women to take part in activities that allow them to challenge negative attitudes, explore issues of equality, respect and build self worth. Eg: team based activities, sports, creative challenges. The funds will be sufficient for twelve two hour sessions split into 2 blocks of six weeks.

Community Fund Ref: 1000073

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