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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Sherborne Rugby Football Club



Charity/Good Cause

Sherborne Rugby Football Club


29 November 2015


Nick Whigham [back row fourth from left] - Past President Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles, Vice Chairman Club Service Committee

Mike Trew [back row fifth from left] - Chairman Sherborne Rugby Football Club

plus back row [l-r]

Shaun Whittaker - U11 Coach Sherborne Rugby Football Club

Tony Stone - U11 Head Coach Sherborne Rugby Football Club

Richard Nias - U11 Coach Sherborne Rugby Football Club

Danny Watson - U12 Coach Sherborne Rugby Football Club

Nigel O'Grady - U12 Head Coach Sherborne Rugby Football Club

plus juniors from Sherborne Rugby Football Club's U11 & U12 squads.

front row [l-r]

[U11's] Sebastion Barker, Daisy Stone, Fynlo Horn, Charlie Stone, Archie Whittaker, Zak Holgate, Toby Parsons, Joshua James Cox

first row [l-r]

[U11's] Will Procter, Finn Nias, Michael Lindsey-Clark, [U12] James Kley, [U11] Thomas Holland, [U12's]Ben Way, James Tailby, Josh Hyland, Will Beaumont, Tre Reedy, Lewis O'Grady,Harry Whigham, Harry Watson, [U11's] Zak Payne, Tor Ross

How the award
will be used

The club was formed in 1980 and has played all its rugby at the town owned Terrace Playing Fields and its own adjoining Gainsborough Park pitches. There are three senior teams and ten junior teams from the age of 7 to 18 years old. The clubs development over three decades has been achieved by introducing young children to the game, making it safe and fun at the same time as the club is developing their skills.The club is open to everyone to join and currently has over 370 members including the youth and mini players.

The award will be used to replace post protection units on the goal posts to ensure that children and young players are safe should they come into contact with them whilst playing or training.

Award Revisited


24 April 2016


Sherborne Rugby Football Club have obtained and now use the post protection units for the previously unprotected goal posts. One of the new post protection units can be seen in the photograph taken during an Under 12 training session. Tre Reedy with the ball is attacking the goal line which is being defended by [from left to right] George Johnson, Will Beaumont, Ben Foster, Lewis O'Grady, Ben Way, Harry Le Sueur, Josh Hyland, Archie Harris and Toby Foulger.

Fast forward the action and he could crash into the post. If he does so now he will come away safe and sound much to the relief of any watching parents.

Sherborne Rugby Football Club - Revisited

Community Fund Ref: 1000063

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