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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Poyntington Village Hall Fund



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Poyntington Village Hall Fund


Poyntington Village


20 August 2015


Tony Browne - Past President Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles, Chairman Sherborne International Film Festival.

David Joby - Award co-ordinator Poyntington Village Hall Fund.

Chris Millen - Treasurer Poyntington Village Hall Fund

Peter Simmett - Member of Poyntington Village Hall Fund.

How the award
will be used

The 1953 Coronation bench is in the centre of Poyntington. It is used by walkers and bikers on a regular basis and is a feature in the village. The area where the bench is sited needs repair. The surrounding stone wall is cracked. The floor, which consists of paving slabs, is broken and the area in front of the bench is now just mud. The metal bench needs repainting.

The award will be used to re-concrete the area and cover with new slabs. Repair the surrounding wall and repaint the bench. The existing wooden flower barrels will be re-instated. A local builder will do the concrete/slab work and volunteers from the village will do the ground clearing and paint the bench.

Community Fund Ref: 1000046

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