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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

HOPE 2 Cycle, Sherborne



Charity/Good Cause

HOPE 2 Cycle, Sherborne


The Old Parcel Office, Sherborne Railway Station


22 July 2014


John Smithee - Immediate Past President Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles, Vice Chairman Community Committee.

Gregg Pearson - Project Leader & Bicycle Technician HOPE 2 Cycle, Sherborne.

with [l-r]

Royston Butler - Bicycle Technician HOPE 2 Cycle, Sherborne.

Anthony Attwood - Bicycle Technician HOPE 2 Cycle, Sherborne.

How the award
will be used

With the award they will now be able to attend more local Shows and Fairs as they will be able to purchase a complete mobile tool box consisting of the special bike tools,standard spanners & folding bike stands. At the moment they have to use tools from the workshop which is time consuming and restrictive. They will also get a new easy up tent and a new work table. They are often asked to work with students at local schools, with the new tools they will be able to be more pro-active in and around Sherborne, even with the shop open.

Community Fund Ref: 1000005

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