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Presentation of the Award by the Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles

Sherborne Stop the Litter Campaign



Charity/Good Cause

Sherborne Stop the Litter Campaign


Junction of Blackberry Lane and Coombe, Sherborne.


12 August 2014


David Pearson - Rotarian & Paul Harris Fellow Rotary Club of Sherborne Castles.

Anthony Vosper - Organiser Sherborne Stop the Litter Campaign.

plus some of the Sherborne Stop the Litter Campaign team.[left to right]

Peter Cerely, Mike Keatinge, Robert Gould, John Schmolle and Will Hardwick.

How the award
will be used

The award will be used to fund the purchase of litter picking tools, gloves, bags and safety tabbards as required.

Community Fund Ref: 1000004

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