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Application Form Notes

These notes are intended to assist applicants complete the Application Form for a Community Fund award. It should be noted that the form can be completed over a period of time. Each time applicants Sign In they will find their Application Form as they left it. Alterations and amendments can therefore be made online over a period of time.

When applicants are happy with how they have completed their Application Form they can then submit it to The Community Fund. Once the form has been submitted to The Community Fund it cannot be altered by the applicant. Up to the application closing date changes or amendments can only be made to the Application Form by contacting The Community Fund. The Community Fund is able to make the changes or amendments requested. Such changes or amendments will show when the applicant next Signs In to view their Application Form online.

The following notes are in the same order as set out on the Application Form. The heading adjacent to the item number below is the same as the relevant item on the Application Form.

For ease of use some of these notes have been set out so that they can be accessed from the Application Form using the ? provided against the equivalent item on the form. The link names are in emboldened italics in the notes below.

1. Organisation


If you are not an organisation but an informal group, club or individual put in a name by which you can be identified by or referred to in any future correspondence or contact. If you have previously submitted an application for an award and it has been accepted for judging you automatically become a Valid Organisation. Once you have become a Valid Organisation you must select the same organisation name when you complete the form now.


The address should be where you normally meet, reside or are associated with.


We have requested the name of the actual community location so that it can be identified when the application is being considered. A list of most of the local community locations is given under the DT9 Postcode option.

2. Contact Information

This must be the full contact details of the person responsible for the application and to whom all future correspondence or contact will be made. We have requested a fully detailed address so that the relationship of the contact to the locality of the organisation can be appreciated when the application is being considered by The Community Fund judging panel.

A number of the contact information details are mandatory so must be given in full.

3. Community Fund Award Requested

Total project/activity cost

Often the item/sum in the application is for part of a bigger project/activity. You should therefore indicate the value/cost of the bigger project/activity should this be the case. If it is not part of a bigger project/activity leave as 0.

Contribution sought

This must be an exact figure for the value/cost of the project/activity. If requested you must be prepared to verify the value/cost given with substantiating documentation. These are variable awards for specific projects or activities they are not pre-determined grants or prizes. It is important therefore to fill in an accurate figure that can be fully justified if required.

4. Organisation Details

Description/Type of organisation

In this box set out in brief an outline of your organisation, informal group, club or interest and its aims.

Activities & challenges

In this box set out in as few words as possible the main activities of your organisation, informal group or club and the funding challenges faced. If you are an individual set out in as few words as possible your motivation in making the application and if applicable the funding challenges you face.

5. Impact & Use of Community Fund Award

How will the contribution be used?

In this box set out in as few words as possible how the award if received would be used by your organisation, informal group or club. If you are an individual set out in as few words as possible how you would use the award if received.

See also the Questions option on this website for further and more detailed clarification of the uses and activities covered by the awards from the Community Fund.

Who will benefit from the project/activity?

It is important to demonstrate that the award will be of benefit to the community in general or to an organisation, informal group, club or individuals within the community in particular.

These notes will be updated in the light of contact by applicants. Always check them as you assemble your application so that you have the up to date and current information.

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