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Welcome to the Community Fund Application Form section for 2017. We have endeavoured to make the form as easy to use as possible and to suit all application values.

We have also provided some background notes to help you understand why we have asked for the information and an indication of the sort of details we are seeking. Several of these notes can be accessed from the individual questions on the Application Form itself where marked with a ?.

If you are a returning charity or good cause and have previously reached the judging stage you will have become a Valid Organisation. When you complete your Application Form you need to select the same charity or good cause organisation name from the dropdown of Valid Organisations. Failure to do could risk disqualification at a later date.

If you are unsure on any of the questions on the Application Form do send us an email so that the point can be clarified.

Once you have completed the Application Form and submitted it you can still email us up until the application closing date should any of your answers need to be updated or amended.

You will be able to access your completed Application Form on this website to view. However it can only be amended by us once it has been submitted.

Application Form Notes

Closing Date 31st March 2017

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